Notes from the Rehearsal Hall

June 20, 2016.  A rare full moon summer Solstice.  The energy in the ballroom of the Campbell House is electric as 45 artists gather for the first readthrough of the 2016 summer production of Hogtown.  I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of this amazing experience!

If you saw the show in January, you’re gonna want to book your tickets now, and come back, storylines have been expanded, new characters have been added – who knew Prohibition could be this exciting!  And speaking of which, for the summer run the Speakeasy will be operating as a, well, you know, Speakeasy.  (But since I (Tara) am playing Mary O’Grady Hunt, chairwoman of the WCTU, the less I know about the shenanigans going on down in the Speakeasy the better!)

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