Spring update

We’re still in lockdown, but life continue. I’m now doing audiobook research which is amazing. Something that can be done from home, and works around my other jobs. Perfect. Plus I am getting a bunch of fascinating stuff to add to my ‘watch later’ vids on YouTube. Youglish is my fav new site. You just type in a word and it takes you to a video where someone is using that word. The rest of the content varies, so you might hear a bit about astronomy and then get into a discussion on history or politics or even theatre panels. You never know how many places one little word might show up!

Speaking of YouTube… I have been posting a bunch of music there. I’m still waiting for CD Baby and YouTube to figure out how to get my album showing up on my YouTube page.

If I am ever having a ‘down’ day I just check out the comments on the Sailor Moon videos!

Now, off to do my taxes….fuuuuuuuuuun.

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