May I have your attention, please?

My very first public speaking event was when I was 5 years old. We were at some touristy Ontario spot…St Jacobs, or St Marie-among-the-Hurons or some other place. We were in a small movie theatre- My mom, brother sister and myself waiting for a historical /educational film about the area to start. Was it my impatience? Or was the movie delayed? I’m not really sure. I only know my mom told me that suddenly I got out of my seat and went to the front of the theatre and said in a loud, clear voice “Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please? The movie will being soon. Thank you.” and then walked back to my seat.

Why did I feel compelled to do this? Did I seize an opportunity to grab the attention of a waiting crowd? Did I sense their growing impatience (like mine) and decide the masses need to be placated? Did I think that an un-founded assurance of mine would be what people wanted to hear? Did I parrot what I had heard so many other times in similar situations? I’ll never really know what went on in my childish brain at the time…but I can draw parallels from the rest of my life that followed the same pattern. The urge to do something to engage/inform/distract people…. but only very briefly. I don’t demand unlimited attention. I get shy with too much attention. I want a little, not a lot. I want my offering to be like an appetizer… leaving you in that place where you have enjoyed what you experienced. Not sitting uncomfortably in your seat, overwhelmed with a big meal. Something to whet the appetite and prepare you for traveling on to the next part. Maybe the next part is up to you to offer?

I noticed WordPress is connected to a Podcast site. I’m thinking of starting one. This seemed like a good title to me.

I suspect I will have to find more ways of promoting this. So far, listing my website on every single email with my signature doesn’t seem to draw attention.

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