Words, words, words

I’ve had to find some new work since COVID hit. One of my new favourites came out of my audiobook “The Forgotten Daughter” with Deyan Audio. It turns out that Deyan helps the narrators out with a lot of prep work (which is different across other companies) Most companies have the narrator and/or director research all the word pronunciations.

Deyan has hired me on to do that job and I love it! I spend the day looking up words that are new to me, or playing around trying to see ways I could potentially mis-pronounce a word (because there are A LOT of common words that are mispronounced!) I have found some fascinating video ‘rabbit holes’ to fall into; discovered new recipes; work optimization tips; health info. New favourite YouTube channels to follow. All while learning more about phonetics and getting paid.

I am interested in expanding this into a private business. I can offer fuller research on books as well including character descriptions and research on plot points. Send me and email to ask for rates/details!

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