Cat purgatory

(Note: I waited a few days before posting this to make sure the cat wasn’t in any serious health trouble!)

It seems Le Chat is on a hunger strike. He’s been in the bathroom since the big extraction on Tuesday.

It’s a large bathroom. Much more space than he would have if he were boarding at a kennel. Luckily we hardly ever use the giant jacuzzi tub, so his litter box is in there, separated from his food area. He has a scratching post and some boxes with his momma’s clothing in them for security/familiarity. So far he has favoured hiding behind the toilet. I’m amazed at the tenacity of cats. He spent about 24 hrs facing the wall. He has turned around now and is facing the door. I rigged up some room dividers to create a ‘hallway’ from the bathroom to the spare room (where the dreaded wall bed is currently tucked away). That way he can’t go downstairs. I don’t think any of us are ready for that stage yet.

I read that cats will let you know when they need more room because they will try to bolt past when the door is open. Well, the door is currently open and Monsieur Le Chat is still praying at the porcelain throne for rescue from purgatory.

It is the safest spot for him. The bathroom, relatively speaking is free of humans most of the time. We only go in for short periods, so he has the place to himself. He is peeing, so I know that means he’s drinking water. Unfortunately he has no interest in food. Not even treats. He ate a couple treats one day and now there are 5 sitting in front of him and he’s not budging. He does have a fair amount of ‘reserve’ and isn’t really expending much energy at this point, so I don’t think there is need to worry just yet. Again, articles say it can take a week or more for a cat to adjust to a new place.

He did skulk across the room while I was in the shower (the bathroom has a tub and a shower stall). So I know he is capable of movement!

I once took in a feral cat as it recovered from neutering. It was in a cage in a spare room for about a week. He also snarled and hissed at me, but I feel like he had the better reason for it. After all, he was an outdoor cat who didn’t want to live inside and just had his bits chopped off. Monsieur Le Chat is more like a surly teenager.

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