Ooooh progress! Le Chat has deemed me worthy to see his portliness. He used to run out of the office early in the morning, so we wouldn’t have to share the same space. Over the weekend I came in a few times while he was in here and he didn’t bolt, so I guess he finally figured out he’s safe. He’s currently napping in his box. He has condescended to let me pat his head even! He’s not interested in the homemade chicken dinner though. He reminds me of my dad in his last years. Cranky, sedentary and generally uninterested in things that make life pleasant. I can’t believe he has not even looked out a window at the birds/squirrels. Maybe he doesn’t like wildlife. He did evict his toy mouse from his snooze box.

Waiting to escape
I made him a whole chicken breast for meals…Monsieur is not interested
Finally showing signs of socialability!

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