Good Friends

Monsieur Le Chat and I are becoming friends. I won’t say we are BFF’s yet… after all he still doesn’t roll over and show me his belly…which is a sign of vulnerability and therefore trust. But he does come over to me for pets and attention. He loves having a good brushing. Some weird things I’ve noticed. He likes to press his head up against a wall while being petted. It’s almost like an “assume the position” thing. Time for petting? I’ll assume the position.
And he is learning what windows are all about! He lived many years in an apartment that didn’t have much of a view, so he wasn’t even noticing the windows here. Now ‘his room’ is off the balcony, with a nice perch right in front. After a couple of times having to put him up on the box (yes, he actually lets me pick him up now!), he has started sitting up there on his own.

Speaking of picking him up… he has sat on my lap a few times. Now this is generally good…except for his dismount. My office chair has arms, so he can’t just jump down from any angle. He has to back down. On one attempt he actually got stuck with his claws in my thigh/clothing and couldn’t extract himself. He was not happy about this…although to be fair, neither was I. I still have claw marks in my thigh.

He still isn’t sure what to make of the other house resident. I have brought him downstairs a few times to sit on the couch. He will tolerate it only as long as I am petting him. If I get up, he’s back upstairs. My hubby has been trying to make friends with him, but so far Le Chat is still skeptical. He spends 80% of his time in ‘his room’, only venturing downstairs at night when we are not there to freak him out. But he’s nice company in my office!

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