June is Audiobook month!

I have not one, but 2 audibooks to work on for #audiobookmonth. I will admit they are not lucrative projects, but they are flexible so I can fit recording around my other jobs. One is a steamy ‘beach read’ type of story about a married woman’s “harmless” affair. The other is a book of devotions. Talk about opposite extremes of content! This is the first non-fiction I’ve done, so that is a new spin for me.

I recently got some new sound absorption panels, so my home studio set up is looking more professional! I still have to figure out the most ergenomic way to place my laptop for recording and iPad for script reading.

I’ve moved which part of the room I record in as well. Before I was in the middle of the room. Now I am in the doorway. There are closets on either side of the door, making the doorway itself almost an extension of that closet. With the new panel on one side, and a padded room divider screen on the other, it’s fairly quiet.
Not perfect yet…but getting closer!


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