Life with Cat

It’s been a long time since I posted about how Monsieur Le Chat is settling in. He is getting more comfortable and becoming quite a darling. He has a big personality…which is good. I’ve seen other cats that just lurk in the background and don’t do much. Not as much fun.

Monsieur still seems a bit scared. He bolts when doors to the outside open (maybe he is worried he will have to leave?) He likes to sit under chairs and stools…. like a protective cage. He still has yet to really warm up to hubby. He has sat on his lap once, and will allow pets. He doesn’t hiss, but he also doesn’t willing spend time with the hubby. If I am away all day, he stays up in ‘his’ room, even though there is another human in the house who will give him love.

He’s still very fussy with food. He loves a new bag of food…then when it gets close to the end he seems less interested. Same with wet food. Some days he loves it, others not so much.

I will post pics of him once I get the interface with google photos to work!


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