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The Sad Blisters:


Glass Hammer Productions presents the world premiere of “The Sad Blisters” – a comedy by Andrew Batten. April 12-27 at The Commons Space 587a College St. (west of Bathurst), Toronto.
Serial monogamist Joanne is getting married – AGAIN. And she wants her sisters to wear their bridesmaid dresses from her previous weddings. AND Aunt Sara’s been getting free samples from the bar. What could possibly go wrong?

Directed by Victoria Shepherd.
Featuring Bonnie Gray, Andrea Lyons, Anne McDougall, Cate McKim, Esther Thibault.
Producers: Andrew Batten, Debbie Batten, Tina McCulloch
Stage Manager/Lighting Design: Liz Currie
Assistant Stage Manager/Fight Captain: Jamie Fairfoull
Set Design: Alexis Chubb
Sound Design/Music: John Stuart Campbell
Fight Direction: Ryan Armstrong
Poster Design: Vic Finucci

April 12-27 2019

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of domestic abuse and suicide; depiction of violence.

This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy.


Hogtown Poster (533x800)HOGTOWN is a new and exciting immersive theatrical experience coming to Toronto’s Historic Campbell House Museum this January, 2016. Incorporating drama, music and dance, HOGTOWN aims to create a completely immersive environment where the audience has the power to create their own adventure and discover the dark secrets of our city’s past. With over 30 professional actors, a full band and a crew of over 20 creatives, HOGTOWN is the hottest ticket this season. This is a Canadian Actors Equity Association production under the Artists Collective Policy.
It’s the night before a big Toronto election (in fact, as the night before Election Day, it’s also New Years’ Eve). Not exactly the place you’d expect to find the two frontrunners… and yet on this night both incumbent Thomas Foster and chief rival, Councilman Sam McBride will make an appearance. But they’re not here JUST to squeeze votes out of the clubs’ patrons. There’s something else going on, for both of them. 

Foster is here to meet with Union boss, Bob Delacourt – he’s the one with the real power in this town. Delacourt has the power to sway the election, one way or the other, as his members will vote the way Delacourt directs them. In return, Delacourt demands that his drivers get a minimum wage raise – a tough order for the notoriously penny pinching mayor. Foster also knows that, currently, Delacourt and his membership are backing McBride in this race. Foster is here to make a deal… whatever it takes, including a threat to Delacourt (contained in a manila envelope).

Tonight there’s rumour of a surprise visitor: Frank Vitalli himself, looking to forge a new market in Toronto. Even though he’s famous for saying “I don’t even know what street Toronto is on,”


I’ll be Home for Christmas – a family musical  Esther Thibault will be singing with the orchestra in this heartwarming musical.

A full-length Broadway-style dramatic musical for choir and orchestra set in 1941. A captivating story which centers on a family’s journey through the pain of separation during the Christmas season and in the weeks leading up to Pearl Harbor and the outbreak of World War II. The theme…hope. A comparison is drawn between the darkness of pre-World War II and that of Jesus’ birth. A highly original work; musically unique, coming from two extremely creative writers (Deborah Craig-Claar and Mark Hayes), each with a background in musical theater. The choral numbers are integrated into the story line as part of radio broadcasts that show the fear of what is happening in the world at that time and yet the hope that all will be well. The music features the sounds of the big band era, and it really swings!

Life x 3

May 2012: Damsels in De-Stress Productions invites you to experience Life x 3 by Yasmina Reza at Unit 102 Theatre.

Henry and Sonia are (unsuccessfully) putting their 6-year-old son to bed when Henry’s bombastic colleague Hubert and his wife Inez show up to dinner – a day earlier than expected. Ever resourceful, Henry and Sonia serve up a confection of cheezits, chocolate fingers, and pistachios washed down with copious amounts of Sancerre – but the evening quickly disintegrates. Over the course of the play, the audience is treated to three versions of this comically disastrous evening. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll have to stop at the corner store to pick up a bag of cheezits on the way home.

Directed by Andrew Lamb (My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding), the cast features Tara Baxendale, Rob McKee, Sean Tabares and Esther Thibault. Stage Managed by Meghan Speakman.

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