Reading for love (and money)

When I was a kid, my mom was a leader at “Pioneer Girls” (sort of like Girl Guides, but with a biblical focus). My sister and I, of course, were enrolled. My mom was the leader for the youngest group. One year there was a presentation evening.  Parents and all the other age ranges came to watch scenes prepared by each group. For my mom’s group, they were doing a shadow play of the story of Jesus bringing a young girl back from the dead (Mark 5:21-43) My mother asked me to read the story while the younger kids acted it out behind a screen. She said I was such a good reader, she wanted me to tell the story.

Little did I realize that I would spend much of my career doing exactly the same thing! They say a lot of people discover their career choices by what they chose to do for play as a child. That is certainly true for me. I love to tell stories.

2018 gave me the chance to take part in some great script reading sessions.  Cut Outs at the Assembly Theatre where I was part of the script “Mommy’s wine fest”; Radio Project X where I got to do a bunch of accents (Swedish villian; Russian space station commander to name a couple); and a few you can check out online through Wildsound

2019 looks like it might be another year of reading fantastic stories and scripts! More to come on that later!




I don’t get much in the way of movie work, but I have to say a Christmas movie is certainly a good way to go if you are going to get one! I did this sweet MOW in 2010 and it keeps coming back! Now you can buy it as a digital download from Amazon:

12 Dates of Christmas

My current movie is Jigsaw. I am probably only in about 2 min of the film, which I may never be able to confirm as I don’t think I could watch the full horror movie. Gives me nightmares. It was a fun shoot though! Everyone was really nice and upbeat. I guess they try and make the work environment positive so you can feel good about dying? Luckily my nephew managed to catch a screen shot of my big moment. I got to buy my wardrobe too…so I can relieve the joys of my tragic death any time I want.  Working in movies has lots of perks!jigsaw

New Headshots!

I kinda love having my picture taken. Most actors don’t. For some reason I do. Even as a child, when my mom would take 10 min adjust the camera and we were all getting impatient, as soon as the camera goes up, my face lights up. I have fun pretending to be a superstar model, or imagine I’m getting interviewed for something fabulous. So here are the photographer’s favourites (Denise Grant)

Audiobook world

So I’m trying to set up a home studio. This will be a long process of trial and error. The mic I thought was going to be great is not as great as I thought. Editing software is pretty good, but I keep forgetting how to do things! It would be so much nicer for someone to hire me to come into their studio… but I’ve waited years for that, so I’m gonna do it myself!

Taxes and Israel

I”ll have to post some pics here of my trip to Israel. It’s on my list of things to do this week. First of course though I need to finish my taxes. Ugh. I tried to prep things before the trip, so it’s not so bad. It’s still annoying. There are always little things I’ve forgotten. I”m glad I don’t go to an accountant though. I’ve never had a good experience with one. All the same work, and then I have to fork over a tonne of money for someone else to put it in the computer.  NO thanks. I’ll strain my brain a little. At least I have time to do these tasks this week. A work project got pushed back by 2 weeks, so hello free time! I can always find ways to fill that.


Next up … photos of my trip!


the project right now

I’m transferring my old VHS tapes to digital.  All performances that I have captured. Classes, student films, stage shows, vacation videos. It’s been a crazy trip to watch all of these. Who was I at these moments? Have I learned anything since then? Some tapes have held up better than others. Some make me cringe to watch. Some are forgotten treasures.
I”m also looking at my clothes, jewelry.  I wore that?  Where did those earrings go? I still wear my eyeliner the same way… is that good or bad?

Along with the nostalgia of this is some regret. I wish there was more. I wish I had done some more of my own projects so that I could build up my skills more. Guess that might be another project.

Notes from the Rehearsal Hall

June 20, 2016.  A rare full moon summer Solstice.  The energy in the ballroom of the Campbell House is electric as 45 artists gather for the first readthrough of the 2016 summer production of Hogtown.  I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of this amazing experience!

If you saw the show in January, you’re gonna want to book your tickets now, and come back, storylines have been expanded, new characters have been added – who knew Prohibition could be this exciting!  And speaking of which, for the summer run the Speakeasy will be operating as a, well, you know, Speakeasy.  (But since I (Tara) am playing Mary O’Grady Hunt, chairwoman of the WCTU, the less I know about the shenanigans going on down in the Speakeasy the better!)

For more information, to sponsor us, or to reserve your tickets, go to


Hogtown is coming back! July & August

I’m very excited for Hogtown to return to Toronto! The creative team has been rewritting the script and rehearsals are due to start very soon. There are a lot of great new changes coming.
I am a swing for the show, covering the roles of Mary O’Grady, June-Mable (Temperance women) and Marilyn Foster (the mayor’s wife). Tara Baxendale is also back for more Temperance lady action as Mary O’Grady.
Come see how the show has changed! Or if you haven’t seen the show yet, come see what all the fuss is about.

Purchase Tickets:
hogtown summer poster
Previews: July 6-13 / $39
Opening Night: July 14 / $75
Regular Performances: July 15-August 28th / $45

Groups of 15 or more save 20%
Contact The Campbell House at 416-597-0227 x2 to book your group!

Performance Information:
Tuesday – Saturday evenings @ 7:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday matinees @ 2:00 pm
The door opens 1/2 hour before the performance begins.

A cash bar will be available.

Campbell House Museum
(at Osgoode Subway Station)
160 Queen Street West
Toronto M5H 3H3

Please note: This is an ambulatory production which takes place on many levels of a historic building. Audience members will be required to climb stairs.

Parking available on University Ave. after 6pm
There are paid parking lots nearby: under City Hall; under the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts; and just north on St. Patrick Street.

Actor Tips

One of the best parts about being an actor is all the random life lessons you learn.  For example, tonight I learned you should always check the bathroom for make-up removal cloths BEFORE you practice drawing infinity circles on your forehead.

I also learned that drawing a symmetrical infinity symbol on my forehead is even harder than plucking your eyebrows and having them come out even.