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  • June is Audiobook month!

    I have not one, but 2 audibooks to work on for #audiobookmonth. I will admit they are not lucrative projects, but they are flexible so I can fit recording around my other jobs. One is a steamy ‘beach read’ type of story about a married woman’s “harmless” affair. The other is a book of devotions. […]

  • Life with Cat

    It’s been a long time since I posted about how Monsieur Le Chat is settling in. He is getting more comfortable and becoming quite a darling. He has a big personality…which is good. I’ve seen other cats that just lurk in the background and don’t do much. Not as much fun. Monsieur still seems a […]

  • Absence makes the Cat grow fonder

    I think the assimilation to the new home is almost complete! We came back last night after a week’s vacation and Monsieur Le Chat was very happy to see us! He spent the week exploring the house without us around to interrupt him, so I think he’s feeling more at east roaming around while we […]

  • Described Video / Audio Description

    Confession time: I’ve a ‘secret’ job for over 20 years in voice work. The job is narrating the visual details in a film/tv show. I first heard about it while I was volunteering with VoicePrint at NBRS (National Broadcast Reading Service) back in the previous century, when they first offered VHS movies with description added. Since then I […]

  • Words, words, words

    I’ve had to find some new work since COVID hit. One of my new favourites came out of my audiobook “The Forgotten Daughter” with Deyan Audio. It turns out that Deyan helps the narrators out with a lot of prep work (which is different across other companies) Most companies have the narrator and/or director research […]

  • May I have your attention, please?

    My very first public speaking event was when I was 5 years old. We were at some touristy Ontario spot…St Jacobs, or St Marie-among-the-Hurons or some other place. We were in a small movie theatre- My mom, brother sister and myself waiting for a historical /educational film about the area to start. Was it my […]

  • Spring update

    We’re still in lockdown, but life continue. I’m now doing audiobook research which is amazing. Something that can be done from home, and works around my other jobs. Perfect. Plus I am getting a bunch of fascinating stuff to add to my ‘watch later’ vids on YouTube. Youglish is my fav new site. You just […]

  • New year, new horizons

    Audiobook #2 has been released! It’s coming out behind #3 in order so it feels like something new! I’ve also started a new part time job creating pronunciation guides for audiobooks. I’m kinda loving just sitting at my desk exploring words! Deciding which ones are tricky to pronounce; which ones might just need a refresher […]

  • The Forgotten Daughter

    My newest audiobook “The Forgotten Daughter” is now live! You can listen to a sample, or download a FREE copy by joining Audible. NOTE: It is also available through Toronto Public Library’s Overdrive for free!I thoroughly enjoyed working on this beautifully written, part fiction, part history, all engaging story!

  • Audiobook #3!

    Looks like this audiobook thing might actually work out for me! I got hired for a big-time project (HarperAudio) for a beautiful story set in Montreal. After my sojourn in Kabul with all the accents, it’s a nice change to just focus on 1, Québécois! This was my first book with a deadline. It’s a […]