Category: Monsieur Le Chat

  • Good Friends

    Monsieur Le Chat and I are becoming friends. I won’t say we are BFF’s yet… after all he still doesn’t roll over and show me his belly…which is a sign of vulnerability and therefore trust. But he does come over to me for pets and attention. He loves having a good brushing. Some weird things […]

  • Progress!

    Ooooh progress! Le Chat has deemed me worthy to see his portliness. He used to run out of the office early in the morning, so we wouldn’t have to share the same space. Over the weekend I came in a few times while he was in here and he didn’t bolt, so I guess he […]

  • The Routine

    Monsieur Le Chat is over his hunger strike and is accepting that he now lives here. A weekend with his ‘mommy’ helped to put all right in the world, and even though she is no longer here, he seems resigned to live. Now we are starting to get into a routine. He wants nothing to […]

  • Cat purgatory

    (Note: I waited a few days before posting this to make sure the cat wasn’t in any serious health trouble!) It seems Le Chat is on a hunger strike. He’s been in the bathroom since the big extraction on Tuesday. It’s a large bathroom. Much more space than he would have if he were boarding […]

  • Settling in…with a few bumps

    Monsieur le Chat arrived Friday night, heavily sedated. The accessories – enough to fill several bags were unloaded and spots designated. Dinner was served, wine was poured. Then came the ‘after dinner show’. Someone in a Mercedes parked directly across our driveway, blocking our guest’s car from being able to leave! My neighbourhood has a […]

  • The Cat Adventure

    A friend is heading off for a big overseas adventure. She isn’t leaving forever, but she can’t take her beloved cat with her. She had plans to board him that fell through and was pretty stressed, so I offered to take him. It may be fore a year…more or less. Now, I have done this […]