The new world

I just got back from a truncated vacation to Florida. The trip was supposed to replace our plans to go to Vietnam to visit friends. That was cancelled because the Coronavirus was just getting started in that end of the world. Re booking to Florida to visit the in-laws seemed like a safe choice. We were even going to have a side trip to Aruba, to make up for that destination being cancelled on a previous trip. Now, it seems like Aruba will never happen. That’s twice we’ve had to cancel going there!

Needless to say, now that Covid-19 is a full on pandemic, all travel is cancelled and staying home is the thing to do. After spending the last 5 days of vacation in Florida mostly in isolation, it’s funny how fast one gets used to the new normal. It kind of reminded me of life on the farm as a teen during the summer. There was nothing much to do but chores and reading, and watching tv. By the time we got to the airport, I was actually hyper aware of how close people were to me. It was odd to see so many people sitting so close together!

Now that I’m home there is lots to do. I will be working on my home recording studio to get ready for new online work! I already have one audiobook to record as a profit-share, and signed up with a company to do more! This isolation thing might actually turn out well for me to get into more voice work like I always wanted to!

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