Sailor Moon Rising

I am a member of ACTRA. To become a member, you get a few ‘apprentice credits’, and when you get the required amount, you become a full member.

I had started working with an animation company singing on some cartoons. I was called in because they were dubbing a cartoon into German and needed people with language skills. From there, I started singing for other projects and one of them was Sailor Moon. I actually knew this show and realized that this work could get me my ACTRA status. So I got my apprentice papers and was off!

I had a great time singing for cartoons. I loved listening to the original, and then based on that and a translated lyric sheet, creating a new song. I would have loved to be a character as well, but that didn’t seem to happen for me. What also didn’t happen was credits on the show. I don’t know why, but only the speaking actors were credit for their work. Singers were not. So I lived in humble obscurity, occasionally petitioning IMDb to add my name to the credits…to no avail.

This weekend I got an amazing email, right here to my website. I didn’t think anyone even saw this site here! Corza Moon decided to follow up with Sequence Productions, the studio where Sailor Moon was produced, to fill in the blanks on some of the voices used in the show. And that’s how I finally got recognized for singing on Sailor Moon. I’m over the moon about it all! Check it all out here:

I did get to do some screaming as the Snow Angels in the Sailor Moon movie Hearts in Ice- that was fun!


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