The Cat Adventure

A friend is heading off for a big overseas adventure. She isn’t leaving forever, but she can’t take her beloved cat with her. She had plans to board him that fell through and was pretty stressed, so I offered to take him. It may be fore a year…more or less. Now, I have done this before. Another friend, another overseas adventure. She actually never came back, and the cat ended his years on earth with me and was an absolutely amazing cat companion. That time, I already knew the cat, so I knew what to expect. I had also moved into the friend’s apartment, so the cat didn’t have much adjusting to do. This will be quite different. I’ve never met the cat…and his owner says he can be difficult. He will also have to move to my place, which isn’t really set up well for pets in my mind. It’s one of the reasons we never got a pet of our own. I’ve gone through the house to see how to ‘cat proof’ it. Moving some of the more decorative (breakable) items behind doors, rearranging plants (who knew so many plants were toxic to cats? Hopefully my friend is right about hers not being much of a plant muncher).

Tomorrow night will be ‘move in day’ for this cute tuxedo cat (pics to come) My friend will stay over to help the cat get settled. I’m getting her to leave some clothes here so that he will be able to smell her and feel safe. A ‘safe space’ will be the big challenge. The guest room is now my office…so although the Murphy bed will come down for the night while they stay over, it will be turned back into an office later. No bed to hid under. No avoiding the human (me) in the room all day. The main bedroom where we sleep will likely also not be a place to get away from us, except during the day. Of course that is where the red leather chair is. The chair that has proven to be irresistable to cats in the past. I was hoping to keep that door closed. I was also planning on moving some of the more dangerous plants in there.

Basement? Hubby’s office. Also occupied 40 + hours per week. That leaves the big bathroom on the 2nd floor (interesting option, but there is no window, so that seems cruel to shut him in there….plus we do need to use the washroom)

Dining room/kitchen/living room are all open concept with no doors. They are the least used rooms of the house, but no good hiding spot for a cat. I suspect the cat will have to have shifting safe spaces. Perhaps under the couch in the living room. Those rooms do have the best windows for watching the birds and squirrels. No good window ledges for lounging. Poor guy… I hope he can find a comfortable spot!

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Stay tuned!

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