The Routine

Monsieur Le Chat is over his hunger strike and is accepting that he now lives here. A weekend with his ‘mommy’ helped to put all right in the world, and even though she is no longer here, he seems resigned to live.

Now we are starting to get into a routine. He wants nothing to do with us…so he hides somewhere during the day, and then sneaks upstairs to ‘his room’ around 9pm to eat /use the box and continue sleeping. We have installed a security camera to see where he’s going. First it was under the couches, and now it’s moved to the office / his room overnight. He knows exactly what the camera is and doesn’t like it one bit. When I was trying to reposition it to get a view of the new couch position, he was very vocal about his displeasure and let me know in no uncertain terms that he was not ‘ready for his close up’. Hmpf. For a cat who is used to living with an actor, this is disappointing.

We have been able to get some fun behind the scenes views of life as a cat. It involves primarily shifting from prone to semi-prone and sometimes sitting up. He is using the fancy bed that was bought for him.

He is also quite a finicky eater. Right now chicken…(real chicken, if you please) is the only ‘wet’ food he will eat. Luckily there is one dry food that he will also eat. I’m hoping he gets past this phase and starts eating some of the many, many stockpiled cans that his owner brought. There are raccoons in this neighbourhood who would love to have his leftovers!

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